My name is Francisco. I am 30-y-pico and I live in Barcelona. I was born and raised in Spain. I have had the luck to travel the world and work in different countries, but eventually I reached the conclusion that Spain is the best! and I moved back.

I have a mission: I want to help you discovering Spain. The REAL Spain, without the clichés! Most people have a very positive, but not complete or true picture of Spain. Somebody needs to tell the world what we have here beyond siesta, fiesta, flamenco, paella and tapas. Though nothing against any of those ;)

I love meeting people, discovering new things, new places… and sharing these with others. And something I truly enjoy is telling stories. But I warn you: I am very honest and have my own opinion. I am not politically correct. Polical correctness is for politicians, and I don’t like politics.

I also enjoy Spanish wine. I have worked in gastronomy and know a bit about wine, but I prefer to share and enjoy it than to talk about it. Besides, people talk too much about wine already. You want to discover wine? Don’t listen: TASTE! My favourite wine is “The Spanish Quarter”. But you will find that out quickly ;)

Now that you know this: C’mon: ASK me anything. I promise I will respond Mañana. I don’t guarantee you a perfectly correct answer to any question, but a genuine one.

Well, if you have any questions about Spain, you know who to ask ;)


P.S. By the way: I will do my best to avoid language mistakes, but I appologize in advance for the ones that certainly will slip through. After all, it is not my mother tongue…