The Spanish Quarter red & whiteThe Spanish Quarter is my Sponsor in this mission.

This is a new Spanish wine that was created with those in mind, who enjoy wine and don`t need to spend hours talking snobbishly about it. It is in a way similar to my blog: what I want is for you to enjoy and get to know Spain. The REAL Spain. This is why they support me with the few costs I have with this proyect.

But believe me: if I would not truly believe that it was an outstanding wine, I would not give a damn about recommending it.

Check it out yourself! or check their website. Pretty cool and fun, like the wine. AND let me how many goals you shoot in “Futbol Fantastico”. I suck…

And PLEASE let me know what you think of the wine. I will be happy to tell them. After all, it was about time that the wine world started to listen and learned from real people!

Salud y gracias!